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Welcome to Plus Music.

Plus MusicHere at Plus Music, we provide a multi-faceted service starting with our core activity which is writing songs (the lyrics, melodies and chord progressions) from scratch. These arts are closely allied to the arranging and execution of all the musical elements … the Pre-production, followed by Artist management and Publishing.

Plus Music has done the hard part – creating the songs plus the recording of drums, bass, piano, guitar and other instrumentation in the MIDI format and has them ready to present to you for a minor tweak here or there for your master.

If you want some catchy, melodic radio friendly tunes and dance floor fillers just dripping with juicy Soul /Pop/Funky/R & B flavours then look no further. The songs have a very wide appeal and are both sample and profanity free and ready to go chart bound - internationally.

Plus Music’s songs are crafted organically by a real musician out of the ether instead of from sections of other people’s work, so there are never ever any samples to clear with publishers or labels and since we create music and not gimmicky sound effects, the singers’ voices, the songs, the musicianship and arrangements will always shine through.

Looking for the next diamond of a song?

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